Rules and Conduct  


Rules & Regulations (Last Updated January 2013)


Fairness Doctrine

Authority for the BAMSBL Board and/or BAMSBL Commissioner


100. Membership


   105. Age Minimum – 21+, 35+, and 45+ Divisions

   110. Team Fees and Payments to the League

   115. Applicant Eligibility

   120. Free Agent Eligibility

   125. Draft Eligibility

   130. Player Eligibility

   140. Pool Players

   145. Trades

   150. Trading Deadline

   155. Veterans choose not to return to current team

   160. Dissolution of Teams

   165. Anti-merger Rule

   170. Anti-raiding Rule

   175. Anti-collusion Rule

   180. Anti-tampering Rule


200. Tryouts and the Draft


   205. Spring Tryouts

   210. Failure to Extend Best Effort

   215. The Draft


300. Equipment and Uniforms


   305. Uniforms

   310. Cleats/Spikes

   315. Helmets

   320. Bats

   325. Baseballs

   330. Pitcher’s Uniform

   335. Failure to Adhere


400. Game Requirements


   405. Length of Game

   410. Start of Game

   415. Forfeit Rule

   420. Batting Line-Ups

   425. Fielding Line-Ups

   430. Courtesy Runners

   435. Injured Base Runner

   440. Catcher 2-Out Base Runner

   445. Two (2) Minute Rule

   455. Last Weekend, Regular Season (Elimination Game)

   465. Failure to Adhere

   470. Protesting Games


500. Conduct and Safety


   505. Collision Rule

   510. Decoy Rule

   520. Intentional Walks & Hit Batsman

   525. Abuse of Umpires

   530. Un-Sportsmanlike Conduct

   532. Fan/Spectator Un-Sportsmanlike Conduct   

   535. Player Suspension

   540. Suspension Appeal

   545. Alcohol

   550. Smoking

   555. Pets


600. Playoffs and Tiebreakers


   601. Playoffs Eligibility Requirements

   603. Playoff Rosters

   605. Tie-Breaker Formula

   610. Home Team Designation

   615. Player Participation

   620. Playoff Game Limits



Bay Area Men’s Senior Baseball League

Rules & Regulations



Fairness Doctrine

The Board and Commissioner of the BAMSBL shall have the authority to oversee all player, team and coach transactions. The Board has a duty to ensure that fair competition will prevail for the player(s), team(s) and the League as a whole.


Appeal of any sanctions, suspensions or terminations as set forth by the BAMSBL Board and/or Commissioner.


As set forth in the aforementioned Bylaws, any party disciplined, sanctioned, suspended or had its’ membership terminated shall have the right to an appeal. Said party may submit a written statement to the BAMSBL Board not less than five days before its effective date, showing cause as to why said disciplinary action should be overturned, lessened or modified. The Commissioner of the BAMSBL will rule on the appeal. Said Commissioner, at his choosing, may elect to defer his decision to a vote by the BASMBL Board, or form a grievance committee to make a recommendation as to the disposition of the appeal.


Authority for the BAMSBL Board and/or BAMSBL Commissioner

As set forth in the Bylaws of the Bay Area Men's Senior Baseball League, which are registered and on file as the By Laws of Bay Area Men's Senior Baseball League, Inc. with the State of California, the Commissioner and/or the Board shall have and exercise the authority to discipline any League members for any conduct or actions deemed "inimical to the best interests of the corporation". This shall include any actions, intentional or otherwise, to violate, circumvent or evade any League rules, reasonable intent of the League rules, proven intent of the League rules, historical League practices or League precedents. This shall also include direct or indirect violations of Board or Commissioner Directives. Said disciplinary measures may include but are not limited to: suspension of League membership, termination of League membership or any League sanctions set forth as determined by the BAMSBL Board to apply to the specific case. The Board shall notify any affected member(s) of any disciplinary actions at least 15 days prior to the effective date said disciplinary actions are to take place.



100.  Membership


105. Age Minimum 21+, 35+, 45+ Divisions

    A. Players who turn 21, 35 or 45 prior to 11:59 p.m. on December 31 are eligible to play in the BAMSBL. Any player that turns 21, 35 or 45 during the calendar year is eligible to play the entire season.

    B. Any game(s) played with player(s) underage shall be deemed immediately forfeited by that team. The player(s) involved will also be ineligible for the duration of the current season, regardless of when the player(s) officially turns 21, 35, or 45 years old.

    C. A manager has the right to demand to inspect the identification of any player on the field, before, during or after an official BAMSBL game. Until the player produces acceptable identification, said player in question will not be allowed to participate in said game or any future games. Acceptable identification is defined as: a valid driver’s license, valid passport, valid Federal or State Government ID card or any identification which the umpire accepts as valid identification.

    D. Should the requesting manager still not be satisfied or agree with the authenticity of the identification presented, said manager will immediately (within 24 hours) file a protest to the League Office for review. Protest may be called in and followed up in writing explaining why the manager feels that the ID presented is still in question. Commissioner will then investigate and report findings to the Board for review, decision and any sanctions, if warranted.

    E. If any sanctions are applied, the normal appeal process will apply.

F.  The League Commissioner or Presidents reserve the right to grant age waivers on a case by case basis, when presented with a compelling reason to do so.



110. Team Fees and Payment to the League (adopted January 2012)

One-third (1/3)  due 2/15 $1,600 (example amount)

Two-thirds (2/3) due 3/15 $3,200

Full Payment     due 4/15      $4,800


A. Full Balance must be paid by June 30th with agreement by Treasurer or Board by April 15th.


B. If payment is not made in full by June 30th, or a specific agreement with the Treasurer or Board is not made by the June 30th deadline, then effective immediately the team will not be allowed to play.


C. Once the payment or an agreement is made, a team will be allowed to play on the league’s field.


D. Any team which does not keep an agreement with the League to pay will not be allowed to play.



115. Applicant Eligibility

An applicant is eligible to participate in league-sanctioned tryouts as long as they have met the following requirements:


    A. Will be turning 21 years of age during the calendar year and has means to verify it.


    B. Has completed the necessary league registration form(s).


    C. Is available to play on any team that exists in the region and age bracket for which they qualify.


120. Free Agent Eligibility

    A. Unlimited in number, however no BAMSBL members from the previous year are eligible.


    B. Has completed the required registration/waiver form(s).


    C. Has provided the team manager with registration form.


    D. Has been put on the team roster for other team managers to verify the player’s eligibility.


    Any team that has not verified the player has signed the required waiver form(s) and posted the player on their public roster before said player takes the field will forfeit their exclusive rights to that Free Agent. If the Free Agent still desires to play, they will be subjected to normal draft rules.


    E. The presiding league Board of Directors must approve any exceptions or deviations from the Free Agent Eligibility requirements.


125. Draft Eligibility

    A player is eligible for the BAMSBL draft pool as long as they have met the following criteria:


    A. Has attended and participated in one sanctioned Spring Workout for each division the candidate desires to play in (this can be waived by consent of all managers respective to their division), and followed the tryout program given by the Spring Workout Division Representative.


    B. Has presented a valid photo ID indicating at least 21, 35 or 45 years of age by the end of the year.


    C. Has completed registration form.


130. Player Eligibility

    A player is eligible to participate in league play as long as they have met the following requirements:


    A. Has paid in full the current Team membership fee.


    B. Has been properly drafted, traded or selected as a free agent according to league rules & guidelines.


    C. Has returned as a veteran player or was an eligible player on same team the previous year.


    D. Is properly attired.


    E. Is not currently serving a league suspension or game ejection.


    F. Is a BAMSBL member in good standing as defined by the BAMSBL Articles of Incorporation.



140. Pool Players [REVISED MARCH 2015]

From time to time we hear from players who have heard about our league, but never played in the BAMSBL.  Sometimes they will contact league presidents or the commissioner about playing in our league after the season has started.  Also, some of these players may have been in the Tryouts and not Drafted.  League presidents will put all of them into a “Players Pool” for future consideration by team representatives.  A Pool Player may be added to a team in order to adjust the roster so as not to forfeit for lack of players.


A.   League presidents will keep a list of Pool   Players as the season progresses.


 B.  League presidents will offer Pool Players to all team representatives. Representatives may also ask to see the Pool Players list.


 C. The league president will control who is called and when, so as to follow up and see if the player actually gets on a team.


145. Trades

The BAMSBL sanctions the following types of trades:


    A. Interdivisional – Between teams within own division


       1. Player for player

       2. Player for current draft pick(s)

       3. Current draft pick for current draft pick

       4. Trading for future draft picks is not allowed


    No outside compensation will be allowed for consummating a trade. Example: A player cannot be traded for baseball equipment or other fungible goods.


    B. Trades between age groups (Leagues)

    If players are traded between different League teams, said players would be eligible only if the requisite minimum number of games is met by the players with their respective new teams, and they meet 35+ or 45+ age requirements. The established trading deadline will still apply.


    C. All trades must be approved by:


       1. Any and all involved parties

       2. Both managers

       3. League President


150. Trading Deadline

The trade deadline is after the completion of the eighth (8th) scheduled game. No trades can be made after this time.


155. Veterans Choosing Not to Return to Same Team

Veterans who choose not to return to their current team at the end of each season, a player may choose not to return to their current team. The player has three (3) options:


    A. Re-enter the draft. Player must notify team manager and attend 1 sanctioned spring tryout.


    B. Request a trade (see rule #145). Request must be made through current team manager.


    C. If a player sits out a full season, they have the option to become a free agent. A current player is not eligible to join another team via free agency. Once a current player has stepped on the tryout field, they are no longer eligible to return to their former team, unless they choose to draft him. If another team drafts him, no compensation is due the former team.



160. Dissolution of Teams

Teams shall be declared dissolved only after the following steps have been taken: Coach or voted representative of affected BAMSBL team informs their BAMSBL League President, BAMSBL League Representative or BAMSBL Commissioner that said team has no one on roster willing to take over the responsibilities of a coach for the upcoming season. Said affected League Representative shall make an effort and explore all options available to find a coach for the affected team. If no coach can be found, then said Board may declare the team as a dissolved team. Coach of dissolving team is prohibited from coaching another team for that year without the express approval of said Board. If such actions can be proved or has the reasonable appearance of a violation of the above procedures or rules as determined by said Board, than teams, coaches and the player(s) involved may be subject to disciplinary measures including (but not limited to) censure and/or suspension.


165. Anti-Merger Rule [Adopted March 2001]

No teams may be allowed to merge with other teams without the express approval of the BAMSBL Board. Said Board must approve of such a merger via simple majority vote.


170. Anti-Raiding Rule [Adopted March 2001]

Teams and/or their coaches of the BAMSBL are prohibited from conspiring, colluding, or attempting (intentionally or unintentionally), to raid other team rosters, or cause teams (including their own) to dissolve for the purpose of forming new teams.



175. Anti-Collusion Rule [Adopted March 2001]

Teams and/or their coaches of the BAMSBL are prohibited from conspiring, colluding or attempting (intentionally or unintentionally) to circumvent rules (written or unwritten), practices (written or unwritten) or precedents (written or unwritten). The BAMSBL Board and the Commissioner shall have sole discretion of determining if the teams or coaches of said teams have violated any of the aforementioned either in the present or future.

If such actions can be proved or has the reasonable appearance of a violation of the above as determined by said Board, than teams, coaches and any player(s) involved may be subject to disciplinary measures including (but not limited to) censure and/or suspension.


180. Anti-Tampering Rule [Adopted March 2001]

BAMSBL teams and/or their coaches are prohibited from conspiring, colluding, or attempting (intentionally or unintentionally), to raid other BAMSBL team rosters for the purpose of filling their own roster or another team roster.


This includes (but is not limited to) suggesting or encouraging (intentionally or otherwise) players to quit their teams for the purpose of going into the draft so that they may be selected up by a team or its coach encouraged said player move. If such tampering can be proved or has the reasonable appearance of tampering as determined by said Board, than teams, coaches and the player(s) involved may be subject to disciplinary measures including (but not limited to) censure and/or suspension.



200.  Tryouts and The Draft



205. Spring Tryouts

One of the primary goals of the BAMSBL, Inc. is to provide an opportunity to interested individuals to play amateur baseball. We make this opportunity available through annual spring tryouts. Whether by league expansion, replacement of retired/non-returning players, or other means, the league attempts to leave no applicants behind. Managers or coaches will represent teams in need of new players, and they will observe and evaluate the skill level, hustle and attitude of each applicant at the tryout. The spring tryouts are usually held beginning in mid-February, over the course of 2-3 non-holiday weekends, weather permitting, in the below listed areas:


    * San Francisco

    * East Bay

    * Peninsula

    * Marin


All eligible applicants must put forth their reasonable best efforts during the official spring tryout. The eligible applicant must also declare and perform all components of the positions they plan on playing during the season. They include:


    * Batting

    * Fielding (infield & out)

    * Running

    * Pitching

    * Catching


If a pitcher or catcher fails to declare & perform for the managers/coaches, they will NOT be permitted to pitch or catch during the regular season or playoffs.


210. Failure to Extend Best Efforts

A. All eligible applicants are required to put forth all reasonable best efforts during the sanctioned spring tryout. If an applicant is judged by at least 3 managers/coaches to have not expended, in their view, a best effort, then that applicant will not be eligible for the draft.


B. If during the course of the season (regular or post), it becomes apparent to at least 3 managers in the player’s division that they did not expend reasonable best efforts during the spring tryout, said player may be subjected to suspension or expulsion, and the player’s team may suffer forfeiture of any games in which the player participated.


215. The Draft [REVISED MARCH 2015]

    A. All managers within their respective divisions meet to select eligible applicants.


   B. At the draft meeting, each team, in order to fill its roster requirements, selects a pre-determined number of applicants in a pre-determined order. Usually the order is determined by the final standings from the previous REGULAR season. In reverse order of finish, the teams select an applicant round-by-round, until all rosters are full or all applicants have been exhausted.


    C. The presiding league Board of Directors must approve any exceptions or deviations from the draft requirements.


    D. Forfeits & Won – Loss records – For the purpose of determining draft positions between teams with identical won-loss records, a team cannot count as a loss any forfeits they incur the previous season. Any team in this situation will have the drafting position immediately after the team it was tied with.


    E. Tiebreaker Rule: If the total wins of two or more teams are the same, the tiebreakers will be:


        1. Head to Head Competition

        2. Division Record

        3. Inter-Division Record

        4. Difficulty of Schedule


300.  Equipment and Uniforms


305. Uniforms

All teams participating in BAMSBL sanctioned games must meet league uniform requirements. Each and every player must have matching caps, pants & jerseys in presentable condition for each regular season and playoff game. Each team has until the 4th league game to get all their players (drafted or traded) properly attired.


310. Cleats/Spikes

Players may wear metal, plastic or rubber baseball or softball cleats/spikes. No other sport shoes can be used.


315. Helmets (Adopted January 2015)

    A. All batters must wear a helmet with at least one (1) earflap (facing the pitcher) when batting. If a player wishes to wear a non-flap shell helmet, he must sign the required league waiver prior to any league participation.


    B. All base runners must wear a helmet. Earflaps are optional.


    C. Catchers must wear either a catcher’s helmet or protective skullcap when catching. If a catcher wishes not to wear a helmet, he must sign the required league waiver prior to any league participation.


    D. All base coaches must wear a protective helmet or skullcap.


320. Bats

We are a wood bat League. Only wood bats may be used during league play. Approved graphite, or composite bats may also be used during league play.


325. Baseballs

    A. Only league-approved baseballs may be used during league play. These baseballs are designated “game” balls and handed out to manager by the league prior to the start of the season.


    B. Each team is required to supply 4 balls per game. The umpires will return unused balls.


    C. If the supply of balls becomes exhausted during play; either managers or presiding umpires may use a previously used approved ball upon consent.


330. Pitcher’s Uniform

Pitcher’s cannot wear white or gray sleeves, batting gloves, sweat bands, jewelry or other distracting items while on the mound.


335. Failure to Adhere

Failure to adhere to the requirements listed in this section could lead to player and/or manager ejection and/or suspension, and/or team forfeiture of games in which infractions occur.



400.  Game Requirements



405. Length of Game

    A. Nine (9) innings or 3 hours. No new inning is allowed to start after 3 hours.

    B. Mercy Rule: There is no mercy rule. All games shall be played until completion or the end of 3 hours.


410. Start of Game

    A. Game time begins with the scheduled time. If a game is supposed to start at 10 a.m. but does not begin on time due to reasons other than field conditions, weather conditions (or other act of God), or late umpires, then the 3-hour time limit starts at 10 a.m. regardless of when the game actually starts.


    B. Each team must have a minimum of 8 eligible players present, in full uniform and ready to play, by no less than 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, or a forfeit will be declared. In the batting lineup, when batting position #9 comes up, an automatic out will be recorded. The #1 batter then will bat. If a legal player arrives to the game, they will be inserted into the #9 slot and it will no longer be recorded as an automatic out.


    C. A team may reduce its lineup to 7 (offense & defense) only as a result of injury incurred during the course of a game. The injured player & manager must report such injury to the Home Plate Umpire before leaving the playing field. The umpire shall determine if the injury is legitimate and warrants leaving the game. In the event of such an occurrence, the batting order remains the same, but an OUT is recorded each time the injured player is due to bat.


415.  Forfeit Rule (adopted January 2007)

The purpose of the Forfeit Rule is to limit the number of forfeits a team can have in a season.  The impact of forfeits on the league has a negative fiscal impact on the League accounts.  The League loses money to umpires and fields when a team forfeits on game day.  Opposing players play fewer games despite having paid the same league fees.  Finally, excessive forfeits reflect poorly on the League as a whole. 


The Forfeit Rule will apply as follows:


A.   The Board will give serious consideration to expelling a team from the league who forfeits more than two games in a season.  This will be done at the end of a season in which said team committed the forfeits, or prior to the start of the next season.


B.    Teams that forfeit on game day more than once during the course of a season will need Board approval to rejoin the league the following season (i.e. the team’s manager will have to make a case before the Board as to why his team should be allowed to return).


C.   Any team that forfeits more than once, and allowed to return to the League will be required to post a refundable deposit of $300.  This deposit will be used to pay for umpires and the field in the event said team forfeits a game during the subsequent season.


D.  If a team does forfeit their deposit because of a forfeit, they will be required to post another $300 deposit before the next week or game they play, if they intend to continue team play for the rest of the season.  The deposit will be held over to the next season if the team returns. 


E.    If a team does not forfeit during the subsequent season, the deposit will be returned to the team manager at the end of the season.


F.    A team that forfeits before 5:00 PM on the Thursday prior to a Sunday game (Wednesday prior to a Saturday game) will not have to give up their deposit.   A team that forfeits more than once on Wednesday or Thursday will need to explain their actions to the Board, and make a case for not being required to post a forfeit deposit or give up the deposit already paid to the league.


G.   The players on a team that forfeits during the season will not receive credit towards Playoff Participation (see rule #601) in the same season.  The entire roster of players on the opposing team who has been declared the winner due to forfeit will be considered game eligible toward Playoff Participation in the same season.


420. Batting Line-up

    A. Batting and fielding line-ups operate independently of each other. Each team may bat as many as it chooses provided there is a minimum of 8 (if 9, 10, or more players are present for a game then a minimum of 10 players must be in the line-up at all times) in the line-up. Professional Baseball rules governing "Batting out of order & Illegal Substitution" still apply.


    B. Managers shall, prior to each game, supply the opposing manager with a batting order that includes batters that will be provided with courtesy runners. (See rule #430)


    C. Any batting change must be announced to the opposing manager, coach/assistant or official scorekeeper prior to the change being made. Umpires need not be notified. The batting line-up may only be changed in the following manners:


       1. PINCH HITTER – A player, who has yet to have been placed in the batting line-up, bats in the line-up in place of a batter who is already in the hitting line-up and has met the batting participation requirements.


       2. ADDITIONAL HITTERS – A player, who has not yet been placed in the hitting line-up, may be added to the hitting line-up, but only at the end of the batting order.

       3. REMOVED HITTER – A player may be removed from the batting line-up provided the line-up still contains the minimum number of hitters required (see #420A). Once a player has been removed from the hitting line-up, they may not bat again during the game.  Any removed batters must be declared prior to the first pitch of your batted half of the inning.


       4. A/B- ALTERNATING HITTERS – Managers may select an A/B hitting order for players. Using this system, 2 hitters are placed in a batting slot, and when this spot appears, alternate batting turns. Same rules apply concerning adding, changing or removing hitters from the batting order.


425. Fielding Line-up

    A. Fielding and batting line-ups operate independently of each other. All substitutions made on defense are unrestricted, except for the pitcher. Any player who departs or is removed from the position of pitcher may return to pitch only once, but not until, at the very earliest, the next new inning, following his initial departure from the mound.


430. Courtesy Runners

    A. Teams with less than 9 batters are not permitted a courtesy runner.  Teams with 9 batters are permitted (1) courtesy runner.  Teams with 10+ batters are permitted (2) courtesy runners.  Prior to the start of each game, managers have the option to designate the batters who require "courtesy substitute base runners", after reaching base.


    B. Each respective "courtesy base runner" will be the player who has made the last batted out. If no last batted out hitter is available to run (1st inning), then the duty goes to the last batter listed in the line-up.


    C. A "courtesy base runner" must be inserted immediately, and before play resumes. If the "courtesy base runner" is not inserted immediately, (by the next pitch), then the designated player loses his "courtesy base runner" privilege until their next plate appearance.


435. Injured Base Runner

If a player is deemed injured by the home plate umpire and is unable to fulfill their duties as a base runner, a "courtesy base runner" (last batted out) will be permitted. The injured player is then permanently removed for the duration of the game.


440. Catcher 2-out base runner [REVISED MARCH 2015]

When 2 outs exist in any inning and the catcher is on base, a "courtesy base runner" MUST be immediately inserted (last batted out).  This rule only applies to the catcher.  This will allow each team to adhere to the 2-minute rule. (See rule #445)


445. Two (2) minute rule

Each team has 2-minutes from the recording of the last out in the previous half inning to get ready for the next half inning. This time includes pitcher, infielder & outfielder warm-ups.


455. Last Weekend of Regular Season (Elimination Game)

In the event an elimination game is required the following will be adhered:  Games played in the last week (Week 16) of the “regular season schedule” are guaranteed for all players who qualify by league rules.  It will be an elimination game, and not part of the regular playoff series.  All rules for the regular season will apply.  Playoff series do not begin until all teams in both leagues have played a “regular season schedule” (16 games), or a “regular season schedule” as determined by the Board


465. Failure to adhere

Failure to adhere to the requirements in this section could lead to player and/or manager ejection, suspension and/or team forfeiture of games in which the infractions occur.


470. Protesting Games

The League shall adopt rules governing procedure for protesting a game, when a manager claims that an umpire’s decision is in violation of these rules. Rules of the game when not posted in the BAMSBL Handbook will be the standards followed by Major League Baseball. No protest shall ever be permitted on judgment decisions by the umpire. In all protested games, the decision of the League President shall be final. However, a manager may appeal the decision of the League President to the League Commissioner and/or League Board of Directors.


Whenever a manager protests a game because of alleged misapplication of the rules the protest will not be recognized unless the umpires are notified at the time the play under protest occurs and before the next pitch is made or a runner is retired. A protest arising on a game-ending play may be filed until noon the following day with the League President.

Even if it is held that the protested decision violated the rules, no replay of the game will be ordered unless in the opinion of the League President the violation adversely affected the protesting team’s chance of winning the game.



500.  Conduct & Safety


505.  Collision Rule (Revised January 2013)

This rule is not a “must slide” rule, but a “no collision” rule.  All runners must either legally slide, legally avoid the tag, or give up their right to a base (avoid a collision by stopping/leaving the base path) if the defensive player has clear possession of the ball.  When advancing to a base or the plate, the runner must avoid intentional forceful contact in an attempt to jar the ball loose from the fielder, injure the fielder, or employ an “illegal slide” in the judgment of the umpire.  An “illegal slide” is defined as, but not limited to, “roll blocks”, “high-spikes” slides (general at or above fielder’s knee), or making deliberate contact beyond the baseline of the intended base/plate. Runners attempting to “break up” a double play can do so with a legal slide, but the runner must perform a legal slide within reach of the intended base/plate if coincidental contact with the fielder occurs.  Contact can range from very minor to directly impacting and dangerous.  It is up to the umpire’s discretion of the degree of deliberate and intentional contact warrants an automatic out, interference, an ejection, or if it is deemed a “clean” baseball play.


510.  Decoy Rule (Revised January 2007)

Any fielder may use a decoy only if it serves a strategic purpose.  For example, if a fielder, who sees a man attempting to steal second base during a hit and run, looks upward into the sky and says that he’s got the pop-up when in fact the ball has been hit on ground is a legal decoy as it may cause the runner to retreat to first base and prevent him from advancing.


However, if a fielder fakes a tag, forcing a player to slide, when there is no strategic purpose or apparent play, the runner will be ruled safe and all runners will advance one base.


This is entirely an umpire judgment decision and not a rule that may be protested.


520.  Intentional Walks and Hit Batsmen (Revised Jan. 2007)

A.  Each team is allowed to intentionally walk an opposing team player once in a game.  Therefore, the total number of intentional walks each team is allowed each game is one.  All four pitches must be thrown.


1.   If a team attempts an intentional walk twice in a game, the home plate umpire must stop play and have the catcher resume his defensive position behind the plate.  A balk will be called and any runners on base will advance one base.  The count will also be restarted at 0-0.


B.  If a pitcher hits four (4) batters in one game, the pitcher must be removed.


1.   No pitcher shall intentionally throw at a batter in either the batter’s box or in the batter’s on-deck circle. If, in the judgment of the presiding umpires, the pitcher intentionally throws at the batter, said pitcher will be immediately ejected from the game and will be subject to further league action.


525. Abuse of Umpires (Adopted January 2007)

Any of the following actions can result in a player being ejected from a game, with possible suspension from additional games:


A.   Pushing an umpire or intentionally blocking an umpire’s movement

B.    Sustained arguing of an umpire’s decision

C.   Using abusive, profane, threatening or obscene language or gestures

D.  Throwing a bat, glove, helmet or other equipment in anger

E.    Creating a disruptive, threatening or dangerous situation



530. Un-Sportsmanlike Conduct

Anything not constituting Un-SPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT will not be tolerated. Examples include, but not limited to:


    A. Fake tags & deaking runners.

    B. Throwing equipment in any careless, dangerous or malicious manner.

    C. Swearing at anyone in attendance: Players, Umpires or Fans/Spectators.

    D. Taunting or any other displays of disrespect for person, property or the game of baseball itself.

    E. No player shall charge another player on or off the field.

    F. In the case of A & C, a warning shall be issued at the very least.

    G. In the case of B, D, & E offending player(s) shall be ejected with the possibility of suspension upon umpire’s recommendation.


532. Fan/Spectator Un-Sportsmanlike Conduct (adopted January 2012)

Anything constituting UN-SPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT will not be tolerated. Examples include, but not limited to:


    A. Throwing projectiles (containers, food, equipment, etc.) in any careless, dangerous or malicious manner onto the field or at the players.

    C. Swearing at anyone in attendance: Players, Umpires or other Fans/Spectators.

    D. Excessive Taunting of Players, Umpires or any other displays of disrespect for person, property or the game of baseball itself.

    E. No fan/spectator shall charge another fan/spectator or player on the field, in the viewing stands, or parking lot.

    F. In the case of C & D, at the very least a warning shall be issued by the umpire and/or team manager if both agree to do so.

    G. In the case of A, D, & E offending fan/spectator(s) shall be ejected from the venue when the umpire and/or team manager agree to do so. The possibility of not being allowed to attend future games upon recommendation of umpire, manager, and players.

         H. If after being requested to do so, a fan/spectator who refuses to leave the stands, a team may decide not to take the field.  The game will be delayed or postponed.  


535. Player Suspension

    A. A player who is ejected will receive an automatic suspension from the next official game. All-Star or tournament games will not be considered official games for purposes of serving out the suspension. Only games that effect league records/standings or playoff games will be used to serve out the suspension. Suspension may be carried over to next season if necessary (a player is ejected from final regular season game and his team is not in the playoffs).

    B. A suspended player will have his case reviewed by their respective League President and Commissioner, who may decide upon further review that additional disciplinary action, is warranted.

    C. Manager of the offending player is required to submit a report with 24 hours regarding the incident. The manager will face a suspension of at least 1 game for not reporting an incident.


540. Suspension Appeal

The suspended individual may appeal any disciplinary action taken by the league. This appeal must be made in writing, and submitted to their respective League President. Once notified, the League President has 48 hours to review the appeal and render a decision. If the individual, upon receiving this decision still disagree, they may appeal the decision to the Commissioner. A decision will be made within 24 hours of receiving the appeal. The Commissioner’s decision is final.


545. Alcohol

Possession or consumption of Alcoholic Beverages is strictly forbidden at any high school, college, university or park & recreation location used by the BAMSBL. Furthermore, it is AGAINST THE LAW! The only beverages other than water permitted at any location are milk, juice, sport or soft drinks. Any offender of this policy will:


    A. Be suspended for the baseball season. If offender(s) are caught after the 14th league game, said offender(s) will be suspended through the next season.

    B. Offender(s) subject to revocation of local and national MSBL membership and possible criminal action. Teams that fail to comply and/or fail to properly identify any conspicuous offenses will also be subject to:

1.   Forfeiture of game on date of the offense.

2.   Suspension of presiding manager.

3.   Team permanently banned from using field where offense occurred. The BAMSBL is fortunate to be permitted the use of these facilities. Our agreements require us to follow their rules, as we are guests on their property. Failure to do so may cause them to cancel our agreements.


550. Smoking

Smoking of cigarettes, cigars or any other substance is strictly forbidden on any playing field or dugout.


555. Pets

Pets are forbidden on any playing area and dugout. Pets are permitted in the spectator area, but must be confined to a leash, with a responsible person controlling the animal. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to suspension, revocation of league membership, criminal citation and/or civil damage claim.



600.  Playoffs and Tiebreakers


601. Playoff Eligibility Requirements [Updated January 2012 & January 2015]

    1. The player must participate in at least six (6) games.

    2. Participation is defined in the following ways:

A. The player has had at least two (2) at bats in the game for participation

B. The player has pitched and recorded a minimum of 3 outs in the game

C. Proof of participation must be done by posting statistics on the league official stats website. If no statistics appear on the website for all managers to view before the playoff games begin, there shall be no player participation credited.

    3. Injury Exclusin and Waiver

A. If a player has been injured on or off the field and is unable to physically participate he may be credited as having "missed a game due to injury." For the purpose of playoff eligibility this "injury" must be reported to the Board immediately, even if the injury has been witnessed by others.

B. No participation credit shall be granted to an injured player for games missed that have not been reported properly to the Board.

C. An "injury" is the only way credit for participation can be determined

    4. When a game is forfeited during the regular season, all players on the winning team shall be deemed as having played in a game for the purpose of player playoff game eligibility.


603. Playoff Rosters (Adopted January 2015)

    1. It is the responsibility of each manager to post a "playoff roster" of eligible players within 24 hours of the final regular season game.

    2. It is the responsibility of an opposing manager to review the "playoff roster" of their opponent to determine if the roster they are reviewing is eligible.

A. If the manager determines there is an ineligible player on the roster, the opposing manager must report to the Board said player no later than Wednesday prior to the playoff game.

B. The Board will determine eligibility based upon Rule 601. Board determination of eligibilty will be final.

    3. If no appeal to the Board is made as stated above, the right to appeal shall be declined by the Board. There will be no "game day" appeal for eligibility.

    4. A team will forfeit their game if it is determined by the Board that a player has played in a playoff game when ineligible to partipate on the roster.

605. Tiebreaker Formula

The following formula shall be used by the BAMSBL when determining tiebreakers for teams eligible for annual league playoffs:


A.   Head to head match-ups: record against team tied with.

B.    Final record against division teams.

C.   Run differential against team tied with.

D.  Runs allowed: Team giving up least amount of runs against division opponents.

E.    * Coin flip*

1.   The Commissioner will conduct the coin flip procedure. The Commissioner will attempt to have all concerned parties present, either physically or by electronic means. This includes but is not limited to Managers, Division Representative, League President and Commissioner.

2.   If one or both managers are not present, then either the Division Representative or League President will represent the teams. The Commissioner will flip the coin. The results are CANNOT be appealed.


610. Home Team Designation (Revised January 2007)

Home team designation will be granted to the team with the best overall won-lost record.  In the event of a three game series, home team designation will alternate from game to game.

A.     In the event both teams have the same won-lost record, see rule #605 for tiebreaker.


615. Playoff Player Participation (Adopted March 2007)

Participation Requirements in the actual Playoff Game, do not apply. Therefore players will NOT be required to have a plate appearances or an appearance in the field.  


620. Playoff Game Limits (Adopted January 2015)

There will be NO time limit on playoff games. However, the 10-Run Mercy Rule will be in effect. After 7 innings are completed, if a team has a lead of 10 runs or more, the game will be ended by the umpires and the team score leader will be declared the game winner.


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