Week 2 - April 13th Print

Week 2 Schedule of games:

Albert Field            10 am  Rockies @ Red Sox

Balboa Sunberg    10 am  Galileo Giants @ Monarchs   2 pm  21+Oaks @ Mariners

Canada College    10 am  Thunderbirds @ Cubs            2 pm  Mustachios @ Brewers

Hillsdale High        10 am  Kezar Brewers @ Expos        2 pm Sting @ White Sox

Palo Alto High       10 am  SF Giants @ 30+ Athletics

San Rafael High    10 am  Rays @ Tigers                       2 pm 40+ Seals @ Sidewinders

Tamalpais High     10 am  40+ Oaks @ 50+ Seals          2 pm  Furies @ 21+ Athletics

The baseball diamonds we use are very important to us.  Please, take care of them and leave the field better than you found the it. 

R.I.P. Tony Dempsey Print

Tony Dempsey who played in the league for 20 years passed away this past February. They had a Celebration of Life Service for him two weeks ago.  He leaves behind his wife Kim, and sons Kyle (23) and Jordan (17).

Tony played with the Indians, Tigers, Brewers and on the Seals and Giants tournament teams.  He was a rockstar second baseman!  He was the ultimate teammate and appropriately nicknamed "Nails" for his all out determination to be a leader and fearless competitor.

 The league lost a great teammate, player and friend.


Tony Dempsey In Memoriam


2014 Board of Directors Print

On Saturday, January 11, 2014 we had our annual membership and manager’s meeting. Besides discussing several topics, we elected a new board of directors for the 2014 year. Your new board members are as follows:

President: Jim Frenn

Treasurer: Aaron Selix

Secretary: Whit Fletcher

1st Vice President: Bob Rice

2nd Vice President: Jim Cullen


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